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We have been experience for more then ten years in this business. Our staffs are qualified enough to take care of you during the trip. They are able to instruct the groups and they are also proficient to hold a current CPR and first aid training certificate.
The first chapter of your adventure will be to explore a 6 hectare (15 acre) terraced cocoa plantation situated within the boundaries of Tengkudak Village – Tabanan, Bali.
After you have accustomed yourself to the powerful off-road machine you will be guided on a magnificent journey on which you will be presented with the numerous challenges that this adventure has to offer. 
The route will take you alongside a plethora of winding waterways to a narrow 2 kilometer track between the rice fields, leading to a tradition village that is home to just 80 families. 
Our ATV bikes are 250cc semi-automatic 4-stroke machines so no need to worry about using complicated clutch, just increase and reduce the gears, keep accelerator and the brakes. It’s designed for sightseeing tours and adaptable with the seasons. We also supply you with suit helmets and boots if you have average feet sizes. For your suitable, personal sneaker or sport shoes are recommended.
Discover the unbeaten tracks of Bali the way it has never been to be astride a real Enduro trail bike. Accelerate, brake, clutch, jig and jump over single trails amid rice paddy fields, shrubbery and rain forest over Bali’s most fertile region on the slope of the magnificent Mt Batukaru in Tabanan.
Dubbed the rice barn of Bali for its high quality and abundant rice product. Your bike tour starts right from this affluent village of Tengkudak. After 15 minutes of an easy introductory asphalt-riding, you’ll discover a magnificent irrigation lake where refreshment is prepared before the real adventure undertakes. 
Your powerful 150cc Enduro-spec trail bike is geared up to allow you to explore the hidden parts of the island the way you’ll only ever able to imagine. Standard of safety includes racing gears such as helmet, body protectors and racing suit, assuring a carefree journey.
Automatic and smaller trail bikes, favored by you girls for its easy hand-only operation, also are available if you consider 200cc Enduro is a bit knotty ride. 
If you select of our cycling tour, you will be provided with championship-spec mountain bikes, assuring not only light pedaling but also smooth suspension and easy gear shifting, guaranteed to transform hills and muddy rice field tracks into peace of cake! 
On this guided tour you will discover an abundance of natural splendor that is accessible . This includes ten of hectare of coffee and cocoa plantation and a tour of authentic village, in addition of breath taking vista of river valleys, jungle, and a never ending sea of emerald green rice field.


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